About Us

If to be put in gist, when it comes to restoration/auto refurbishment and the whole range of services related therewith “Avanthi” can do many things in its field which others cannot and there is nothing that Avanthi cannot do which others can. For “Avanthi”/s ardent customers “Avanthi” is other name for quality and reliability. The description will remain incomplete if it is not emphasized here that the ultimate care taking and living up to high reputation of total reliability in handling customer’s asset and returning it in perfect condition is tradition at “Avanthi” .At “Avanthi” the value of this intangible asset is supreme.

We at “Avanthi” are ever conscious of the fact that every customer of ours comes with high expectations from us. The job may be small or big but our customer’s esteem for us is always very high. Our customer’s praise for us has been our only publicity and that has helped us reach up to the place where we are now. Our customer’s total reliance on our quality, honesty, integrity, dependability and ability to provide apt solutions to his concerns gives us extra mileage in our endeavor to stay always at the top.It therefore and obviously follows that our Mission is “Never shirk a even slightly in living up to customer’s expectations, whatever the cost”."Stay at the Top always because your customer will feel let down if you are not there”.Our growth and unrelenting updating of facilities are always for our customer.

A Jounrney Into History


From Kerala to Mumbai

Davis Anthony is the promoter of this activity. At his age of 14 he came to Mumbai from his native place in Kerala State of India. That was some time in the year 1974. Having started from lowest of the job under masters of that era in auto refurbishment and restoration he rose to the position of Foreman in the same organization. With natural gift of keen observation and hunger for ever improvement in quality in his job he earned a personal reputation for turning out superb refurbishment jobs. He was a sought after technician for restoration of classic and vintage cars ever since his Mumbai days.


Migrated to Pune

Migrated to Pune


Beginning of own workshop

he concentrated on acquiring the state of the art equipments so essential in his trade. Next important asset in the said trade is skilled hands. In addition to skill, as Davis puts it, apt attitude and preparedness for a tireless pursuit for quality by his assistants sustains his reputation. In his unending quest for quality he is ably assisted by his partners Sattendra Rawat, Mahendra Rawat and his brother/partner William Donald. All these partners (now Directors in his joint stock company)are recognized experts in their respective areas of operation. Between them four they are reputed to be encyclopedia of classic and vintage cars. All of them are renowned technocrats in their field of activity and are so recognized by those closely related with auto refurbishment world.


Facilities at Pune ( two places) and at Kolhapur.

To list the achievements of Davis and his fellow Directors i.e. collectively Avanthi Motor Works Pvt. Ltd. State of the Art Facilities at Pune ( two places) and at Kolhapur.


At Present

They have been so groomed by Davis ever since he started his own operations in the year 1990.Least labour turnover and hence highly skilled work force consistently working and taking forward the philosophy of the organization ( The turn over at the level of highly skilled denting and painting hands is almost zero over past 22 years and even at lower levels there is no attrition on the grounds of unsatisfactory remuneration and rewards). Total skilled and highly trained hands number over 21 and next line workers (including those grooming for higher end jobs) 48 Vast contacts and capabilities to access the apt source for rare parts and equipments Constant watch on latest techniques followed in their trade and pioneering in adoption of such techniques,Total workshop area approx 40000sft only at Pune unit 1 ( other units having sufficient area and facilities commensurate with their size of operations)Recognitions and Prizes won by the customers at vintage and classic car rallies at various events in various cities of India.