Auto Body Repair and Restoration Services with unmatched professionalism

Is not it that you expect from us and why you have chosen us for the job?

You might be looking for restoration of classic or vintage cars to their original glory or may be trying to renovate your used car for own use or for selling or you may be having a car on hand which has suffered major or minor damage in a road accident and there may be those who wish to add décor to their cars. We are ultimate solution for all services in said areas and their extensions. Custom painting services with eye catching hues and designs, matching exterior part replacements to your car’s exact colours, reaching every nook and corner of car surface that needs a paint coat, restoring car interior in tune with its external get up; the list of your requirements can extend endlessly but you can count on us for providing state of the art services for your every requirement.
Where any of these services are supported by your insurance claim, we have trained staff to take care of your insurance procedures.

Frame Straightening

Because modern vehicles are increasingly complex, an auto body repair shop must have the training, knowledge, skill, and state-of-the-art equipment needed for the precise, technical art of frame straightening. Our auto body repair shop features the technicians and the equipment necessary for artful, safe, effective frame straightening services.

Custom Painting

Our technicians provide custom painting services to match your vehicle's replacement panels to your car and restore the showroom shine and luster to your post-accident vehicle. With expert workmanship, undetectable color matching services, and the best paint suited to justify the job, we make your car look as if it never met with an accident.

Auto Restoration

Cars develop surface and appearance defects not only due to accidents but time and climate also take their toll. Our expert technicians also restore vehicles damaged by time and climate. Starting for such cars upward we handle challenging jobs involving redo of old classic or antique cars. Rather our reputation flows from our this unmatched specialty. We return rusted, damaged, and non-working vehicles to their original glory. Using the finest reproduction and original parts, we transform your old, worn vehicle into a fully functioning work of art.

Does the above list covers all that we can do ?

Perhaps not. Therefore please do not fail to contact us even if car body and interior job that you have in mind is not included in the above list.